Yeezy Snake Custom (painting service only)


  • Image of Yeezy Snake Custom (painting service only)
  • Image of Yeezy Snake Custom (painting service only)
  • Image of Yeezy Snake Custom (painting service only)

These are not an official "Gucci" product.

This cost is for custom painted service ONLY. Shoes are NOT included.

Buyer will need to provide shoes for the custom. Address for shoes to ship to will be sent after checkout.

Shoes are handpainted.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for shoes to be completed once receive. No cancellation allowed.

Image of Yeezy v2 black “overspray”
Yeezy v2 black “overspray”
Image of YZY 700 v2 Orange
YZY 700 v2 Orange
Image of YZY 700 “LAKERS”
Image of Royalty 350
Royalty 350
Image of UNLA x 700
UNLA x 700
Image of YZY “Supreme box logo”
YZY “Supreme box logo”
Image of Yeezy butter “off-white” inspired
Yeezy butter “off-white” inspired
Image of Bold Orange 350
Bold Orange 350
Image of Marble Yeezy
Marble Yeezy
Image of “Part three”
“Part three”
Image of Black toe 700
Black toe 700
Image of Gucci snake and bee
Gucci snake and bee
Image of Bred 700
Bred 700
Image of LA vintage tie dye
LA vintage tie dye
Image of Powerphase Gucci Bees
Powerphase Gucci Bees
Image of Gucci snake with stripe
Gucci snake with stripe
Image of Teal 700
Teal 700
Image of Cream Gucci Bee
Cream Gucci Bee
Image of Gucci snake
On sale
Gucci snake
Image of Butter Gucci Bee
Butter Gucci Bee
Image of Yeezy 700 “Dissected”
Yeezy 700 “Dissected”
Image of Dissected 700 Part II
Sold out
Dissected 700 Part II
Image of Pumpkin Yeezy
Pumpkin Yeezy
Image of Lakers City Edition
Lakers City Edition
Image of Turtle dove v2
Turtle dove v2
Image of Yeezy "OFF-WHITE" Inspired
Yeezy "OFF-WHITE" Inspired
Image of Yeezy red tie dye
Yeezy red tie dye
Image of Yeezy blue tie dye
Yeezy blue tie dye
Image of Frieza edition
Frieza edition
Image of Yeezy "Blue camo" custom
Yeezy "Blue camo" custom
Image of Life’s a beach
Life’s a beach
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